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    WS15S electric lift truck

    Also known as an electric forklift, is a type of material handling equipment used in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities. Unlike traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) forklifts, which run on gasoline or diesel, electric stackers are powered by electricity. They are preferred in many applications for several reasons:

    Environmental benefits: Electric lift trucks produce zero emissions at the point of use, making them more environmentally friendly compared to ICE forklifts, which emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants. This is especially important in closed rooms, where air quality is important.

    Advantages of WS15S

    Lower operating costs: Electric forklifts typically have lower operating costs compared to their ICE counterparts. Electricity is generally cheaper than gasoline or diesel, and electric forklifts require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts and do not require engine fluid handling.

    Quiet operation: Electric lift trucks are quieter during operation than ICE forklifts. This is beneficial in noise-sensitive environments such as indoor warehouses or areas where employees work nearby.

    Efficiency: Electric forklifts are very efficient. They can work longer on a single charge and provide constant power throughout the entire duty cycle. They are ideal for applications requiring precise control and operation.


    Reduced vibrations: Electric lift trucks produce less vibration compared to ICE forklifts. This may result in greater operator comfort and less equipment wear.

    Customization: Electric stackers are available in a variety of models and configurations, including standing, seated, three-wheel, and four-wheel versions that can be customized to meet your specific material handling needs.

    Regenerative braking: Many electric forklifts use regenerative braking systems that recover energy during braking and return it to the battery, increasing overall efficiency.

    Indoor use: Electric forklifts are commonly used indoors because they do not produce harmful emissions. They are particularly well suited for tasks such as moving pallets, stacking goods and transporting materials in a warehouse.


    Safety: Electric lift trucks often come with advanced safety features such as anti-rollover systems and speed limiters to increase operator safety.

    Easy charging: Charging electric forklifts is relatively simple. Many facilities have charging stations, and some models offer fast charging options to minimize downtime.

    Please note that the choice between electric carts and ICE carts depends on the specific application requirements. Factors such as the operating environment, load capacity, duty cycle and budget considerations will influence which type of forklift is most suitable for a particular job. Electric lift trucks are a popular choice for indoor and environmentally sensitive applications due to their numerous advantages.

    Model / type AC/BF25
    Load capacity 2500kg
    Fork length 1150mm
    Raising height 195mm
    Minimum height 80mm
    Steering wheel Ø180×50
    Rollers Ø80×70
    Fork spacing 550mm
    Fork dimensions 160x60mm
    Guide wheels nylon
    Rollers podwójne, nylon