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    STAXX WH25ES hand pallet truck with scale

    The robust pallet truck with scale is a material handling and weighing tool used in warehouses, factories and other industrial facilities. It combines the functionality of a standard hand pallet truck (also known as a hand pallet truck) with an integrated weighing system. This equipment allows the user to lift and transport loads on pallets, while accurately measuring their weight.


    Material handling: Like a regular hand pallet truck, it can be used to lift and transport pallets or other heavy loads. It has forks that fit under a standard pallet, and the handle can be pumped to lift the load off the ground and make it easier to move.

    Integrated scale: The standout feature of this unit is the integrated scale. Equipped with a digital LED display that shows the weight of the load lifted by the pallet truck. This provides the operator with real-time weight information.


    Accuracy: Hand pallet trucks with scales are designed with accuracy in mind, our model provides precise weight measurement with 5 kg accuracy for 2500 kg weights. This is essential for applications where knowing the weight of a load is critical, such as shipping, receiving or inventory management.

    Tare function: These pallet trucks are equipped with a tare function to zero out the weight of the pallet or other materials used in the process. This ensures that the weight displayed is only for the contents of the pallet. Our models are equipped with rechargeable batteries to power the digital scale, making it more convenient to use and not requiring external power sources. Capacity: The load capacity of our pallet trucks is capable of handling loads of 2500kg. Versatility: hand pallet trucks with scales can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, distribution centers and retail.


    Durability: Our pallet trucks are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, thanks to solid construction and durable materials. Using a hand pallet jack with a scale can streamline operations, reduce the risk of overloading, and improve inventory accuracy. It is a versatile tool for companies that require both material handling and precise mass measurements in their daily work.

    By purchasing our pallet truck with scale, it can easily handle large loads of up to 2,500 kg. This type of pallet truck is specially designed for transporting heavy loads and can optionally be equipped with a scale with a printer. With a pallet truck with scale, you will be able to move heavy loads around your warehouse or factory quickly and easily, and you will always know exactly how much your load weighs. Models with a built-in printer will allow you to obtain printouts of weighed goods on an ongoing basis.

    Why the WH-25ES?

    -High quality workmanship, solid metal construction
    -Reliable hydraulic pump
    -Large and clear LED display
    -Graduation 0.5 kg
    -Accuracy 5 kg for a load of 2500 kg
    -Fast taring
    -Double wheels and tandem rollers made of steel and cast iron covered with pouiretan, ensuring load stability and long service life
    -The end of the forks is shaped to facilitate entry under the pallet
    -Overload prevention valve
    -Simple design – simple operation – low failure rate
    -High maneuverability for easy maneuvering
    -As many as four weighing sensors provide accurate kg readings

    Model / type WH 25ES
    Load capacity 2500kg
    Fork length 1150mm
    Raising height 200mm
    Minimum height 75mm
    Guide wheel Ø180×50
    Roll Ø80×70
    Fork spacing 540mm
    Guide wheel type tandem, NYLON
    Roll type podwójne, NYLON
    Weighing accuracy: 5kg dla ładunku 2500kg
    Scale: co 0,5kg
    Power supply: bateria 6V/4Ah