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    A modern and fully electric warehouse truck. Lifting and lowering and moving of loads is done by an electric motor powered by a battery. It does not require the use of the worker’s muscle power, makes it easier and faster to work with loads


    Our carts are widely used for loading and unloading work.


    Thanks to their relatively light weight and compact design, they are easy to operate especially in small storage or production areas.

    • Electric drive and lifting capabilities are an advantage over hand trucks manual, they also have the advantage of speed and efficiency
    • Equipped with a battery charge indicator, mth counter, ignition and safety switch safety complies with DIN EN 1726-1
    • Controller that ensures safe driving and speed limits
    • Lifting and lowering are controlled automatically
    • the cart also has a button to slow down the ride /turtle/

    Our carts are distinguished by

    • precise driving
    • narrow working corridor which for this type of device is: 2300mm
    • safe operation: safety brakes and safety switch which react in emergency situations
    • components of well-known European brands which are a guarantee of low costs service
    • adjustment of driving speed to working conditions
    • automatic and energy-saving charger built into the truck enabling automatic selection of charging currents

    Trust STAXX

    With our commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction, you can trust Staxx to provide the best electric pallet jack solutions for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our PWS electric lift truck or to discuss your custom electric lift truck requirements.

    Model / type WPT15-2
    Load capacity 1500 kg
    Center of gravity 600 mm
    Raising height 200 mm
    Minimum height 85 mm
    Fork length 1150 mm
    Truck height 1200 mm
    Fork spacing 540 mm
    Maximum width of the truck 680 mm
    Turning radius 1430 mm
    Working aisle speed for a pallet 800 x 1200 2300 mm
    Driving speed without/with load 3.0 / 2.5 km/h
    Lowering speed without/with load 0.04 / 0.05 m/s
    Lifting speed without/with load 0.045 / 0.035 m/s
    Pump motor 0.75 kW
    Driving engine 0.8 kW
    Battery 2×12 V / 65 Ah
    Battery weight 30 kg
    Roll 78 x 60 mm
    Ability to climb grades without/with load 7 / 5 %
    Noise level 74 dB
    Guide wheel 220 mm
    Truck weight 260 kg