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    PT series manual lift table

    Also known as a manual lift table or scissor hand platform, it is material handling equipment designed to manually raise and lower loads. It provides a platform that can be used to lift heavy objects to the desired height for various tasks such as loading and unloading, positioning and working on objects at an ergonomic height.

    Features and applications

    Manual operation: lift table carts are manually operated, which means they are not powered by electricity or hydraulics. A hand crank is used to raise and lower the platform, while a foot pedal is used for lifting.Lifting capacity: These tables are available in a variety of lifting capacity options, and some models can lift loads of up to 1,000 kg. The lifting capacity should be selected based on specific lifting requirements.Platform: the lift table has a platform that can vary in size and shape, depending on the model. The load is placed on this platform for lifting and lowering.

    Height adjustment: The main function of a manual lift table is to adjust the height of the platform. Depending on the model, we can raise the platform up to 1500mm. Users can raise or lower the platform to the desired working height, making it easier to perform tasks such as loading/unloading, assembly and maintenance.


    Scissor lift mechanism: manual lift tables use a scissor lift mechanism to achieve vertical movement. The scissor lift consists of a series of interconnected scissor-like arms that extend and retract when the user operates the lifting mechanism.

    Stability: PT Series platform tables are designed with stability and safety in mind. They feature a wide base and strong construction.

    Maneuverability: The manual lift tables are equipped with wheels and swivel casters, making them easy to move around in the workspace. This allows for greater flexibility in positioning the lift table where it is needed.


    Safety features: Our models are equipped with safety features such as locking mechanisms to secure the table at the desired height and overload protection to prevent accidents caused by excessive weight.

    Versatility: manual lift tables are suitable for a wide range of applications, including material handling, assembly work, maintenance tasks and ergonomic positioning.

    Durability: these tables are built to withstand the demands of industrial environments, thanks to their robust construction and durable materials. Manual lift tables are valuable tools for improving productivity and reducing the risk of workplace injuries associated with lifting heavy objects. They provide an ergonomic solution for tasks that require lifting and positioning loads at various heights, enabling workers to perform their jobs more efficiently and safely.

    Model / type PT800
    Load capacity 8000 kg
    Minimum platform height 415 mm
    Maximum platform height 1000 mm
    Wheel diameter 150 x 40 mm
    Platform dimensions 1016 mm x 510 mm x 60 mm
    Platform handle height 990 mm
    Truck weight 112 kg