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    Drum lifting cart WDS500

    The drum lift and liquid transfer cart with the designation WDS500 is a specialized device used in industry for handling and manipulating drums containing liquids. Here is a general description of this type of cart:

    Basic functions:

    • Lifting and lowering of drums: The WDS500 is designed to lift drums with various types of liquids from ground level or other surfaces and lower them safely.
    • Transferring liquids: This truck is equipped with a mechanism for transferring liquids from a drum to other containers, machines or tanks, enabling efficient movement of liquids within a production facility
    • Drum manipulation: The WDS500 can rotate drums around their own axis, making it easy to position them precisely.

    Safety and application

      • The WDS500 lift truck is equipped with a number of safety mechanisms, such as brakes, barrel rollover safety systems, and safety systems for overflowing liquids to avoid spills or damage.
      • Operators must be trained to work safely with drums and the cart, and use appropriate personal protective equipment such as safety glasses and gloves.
      • The WDS500 cart is widely used in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food and other industries where precise handling of liquids in drums is necessary.
      • It is used in production, storage and distribution processes where liquids need to be lifted, transported and transferred efficiently and safely.


    The WDS500 drum and liquid transfer lift truck is a tool that contributes to productivity and safety in industrial plants where the manipulation of liquids in drums is often necessary. It is important that personnel operating this cart are properly trained and aware of the risks associated with working with liquids.

    Model / type WDS500
    Load capacity 500 kg
    Total height 2020 mm
    Raising height 1400 mm
    Total length 1200 mm
    Internal spacing of support legs 600 mm
    Stroller width 920 mm
    Net weight 200 kg