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    PS400 platform lift truck

    Also known as a manual platform stacker or hand stacker, it is a material handling device commonly used in warehouses, factories and other industrial facilities. It is designed to lift, transport and stack pallets, containers or other heavy loads up to 400kg.

    Features and Applications:

    Lifting and stacking: The manual platform lift is mainly used to lift pallets or other heavy loads off the ground and place them on shelves, racks or other storage areas. It can also be used to lower loads from elevated positions. Manual operation: the lift truck is manually operated, which means it does not require power sources such as electricity or hydraulic systems. Operators use a foot-pumped mechanism to raise and lower the forks and load platform manually. Payload capacity: lift trucks are available in a variety of options, and can lift loads of up to 400 kg. Load capacity should be selected based on specific lifting requirements.


    Platform: the stacker has a loading platform attached to the forks. The platform is a component that can be removed at any time, making the truck a forklift. This provides better visibility and control when positioning loads. Mast and forks: The mast is the vertical structure of the stacker that supports the forks. The forks are inserted under the load for lifting and are adjustable in width to accommodate different pallet sizes. Height adjustment: the lift allows operators to adjust the height to raise or lower the load. Lift heights vary by model, and some lift trucks are capable of lifting loads to significant heights. Maneuverability: platform lift trucks are designed for easy maneuverability, allowing operators to navigate narrow aisles and tight spaces. They are typically equipped with swivel casters for smooth movement.


    Safety features: the platform truck is equipped with safety features such as braking systems to secure the stacker in place during loading or unloading, overload protection to prevent accidents due to excessive weight, and a lowering valve for controlled lowering. Versatility: suitable for a variety of applications, including order picking, stacking and positioning loads at different heights.


    DURABILITY: Platform lift trucks are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, thanks to sturdy construction and durable materials. Manual platform lift trucks are valuable tools for improving the efficiency and safety of material handling operations. They are particularly useful in situations where occasional vertical lifting and positioning of loads is required, and are an alternative to forklifts for smaller-scale operations.

    Model / type PS400
    Load capacity 400 kg
    Minimum height 1725 mm
    Raising height 1415 mm
    Minimum platform height 85 mm
    Maximum platform height 1500 mm
    Długość platformy i wideł 650 mm
    Length of platform and forks 600 mm
    Platform width 576 mm
    Fork size 650 x 110 mm
    Dimensions of the steering roller Ø 127 x 40 mm
    Load roll dimensions Ø 75 x 40 mm
    Weight 91 kg